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You have questions on your personal journey, that you would like to have answered individually? The Wake Up Coachings with me are designed to get you empowered as quickly as possible, so that you can navigate your personal journey alone, without the need of spending a lot of money on help from others permanently. We are exclusively looking into your personal situation and the universal energies at present.You will learn everything you need to know to turn your situation around quickly. So don’t expect any readings from me or messages from guides or angels as this would just keep you in a fear pattern of dependency and mistrusting your own intuition. And that is what would keep you from  shifting into the 5th dimensional frequencies we want to ascend into. Instead, I will assist you with helpful answers, tools and excercises to step into your true self and power. 

To read about the experiences of others working with me / my programs, please go here.



Booking, Payment and Meeting Platform


You will also be able to reschedule or cancel sessions through this tool. You will receive a reminder before the session to make sure that you don’t miss the appointment. For our session, we will meet on Uber Conferences via Audio. This platform offers the possibility to record the session if you want it for later to relisten to it.

Here are the options to join your call: 

Via Computer: 

Join the call:

Uber works best with Chrome as a browser. Some other browers create problems when dialing in. So –  If you want to connect via computer, please test to dial in beforehand to make sure everything works. You can do that without me being online. (please note: it only works from desktop computers and laptops, not from mobile devices)

Via Phone within the US:

Optional dial in number: 515-293-7770
No PIN needed

And via phone from outside the US:

1. Visit and locate your international access number.

2. Once you locate the international access number for the country being dialed FROM, use the following format to dial out from that country:

Your international dial in number, and when asked to enter the conference phone number, dial 515-293-7770#

Before booking, please make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions.

If you have any questions beforehand or after a session, please contact me via my website any time.

Method and Content

This Wake Up Session is about YOU! Just as each person and his or her story is different, so is a coaching session with me. Your session is very individually focused on your specific needs. I do not work with any standard structures or check lists. The program and combination of methods we will work with will always be defined “on the go”. This means that we will always take into account, what is coming up for you during the process you go through and how we will tackle this predominating issue most effectively. It all depends on your energy status and what you need specifically in that moment. The sessions are designed to help you to heal yourself and give you valuable tools how to work with energy and improve your situation as fast as possible. If you are interested to read more about my skills and methods, please go here.

Remuneration and Money Back Guarantee

The session takes at least 60 Minutes, often longer than that. We will take the time that is needed.

The recommended remuneration for an average salary is 111 Euros.
However, for people who are still struggling with financial abundance, there is the possibility to choose the minimum contribution of 77 Euros.
For people with a high income, the recommended contribution is 177 Euros.

I fully trust that you are contributing honestly what you can afford, what it is of value to you and that you honour my work and dedication.


Here, you can find out the current exchange rate of the Euro to your currency.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and working with you! It will be my honour to share my fascination for the world of universal energies with you to enable you to create the life of your dreams.

Much love

Vera Ingeborg

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