Your Amsterdam 5D Experience

You want to work intensively and accelerate your awakening and growth to the fullest? You want to face your challenges and fears and learn how little you need to be happy? You want to experience the community life in the 5th dimension based on unconditional love, flow and fun?

Then come to Amsterdam and spend time with me in the quickly evolving New Earth community here. Meet like-minded and like-harted people that are permanently holding a safe and loving space for anyone who newly joins the field. You can choose whether you want to stay with me at my little house in a quiet neighborhood of Amsterdam, or if you’d rather stay in a hotel.

Amsterdam is one of the most important and exciting energetic ripple centers for the new earth energies. In Amsterdam you can experience the parallel existence of three dimensions (3D, 4D and 5D). And you can see and experience the first 5D co-creations and real embodiment of these new energies. These trips to Amsterdam are life-changers. How can you live in one of the most expensive cities in Europe at little cost and yet in abundance? How does community life and being truly connected while centered in yourself feel like? How can I go beyond my limits of my comfort zone and evolve quickly? And why plays water such an important role? Amsterdam is a very open and safe space as well as the perfect energetic mirror for anything that still needs attention within you. Whether ecstatic dance, mantra singing, goat yoga, tantric events, crazy art festivals, kitesurfing, cold water dives – anything is possible here and you can create the time here the way you want.

Each day includes 6 hours of my full attention to you. Whether it is coaching, energy work, exercises, exploring the city, taking a trip to the beach or into nature,…

You will learn everything about energy and how to work with it effectively. We will have as many sessions as needed during our time together for your empowerment and to initiate the changes for you to create your dream. Your ego, your inner child, your physical body, and all the patterns and beliefs that you are still carrying will get our full attention to transform them for good. We will work a lot, but: we will go with the flow and keep the balance of intense inner work, having fun and space for reintegration!

Here are the rates:

1-2 days: 333 Euros per day

3 days: 888 Euros

4 days: 1111 Euros

5 days: 1.222 Euros

This includes pick up and drop off at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the use of a bike to get around the city, and 6 hours of my time per day. Your  travel cost / cost for entrance fees, food and accommodation (22 Euros/night if staying with me) are separate.

To book this very unique adventure, to find dates or to answer your questions with regards to this offer, please contact me here.

Before booking please make yourself familiar with my perspective on unconditional business. 



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